"Now I know where my little corner of Boxpark is,
and so long as visitors can find their own little corners,
perhaps it can survive its three year mission.
I would still rather a pint and sandwich
from the Warehouse Theatre’s bar though.
It used to be right here. I remain in mourning for its loss"
Rob Preston in 'Croydon Citizen'

The Croydon Citizen - Liz Sheppard Jones 22/11/17:
Ground Hog Day for Westfield? Here, in Croydon’s own words
from a selection of last week’s Facebook posts (seasoned with a little
poetic licence), is the town’s response to the latest instalment
in the saga of our elusive shopping mall:
"The council closed the Braithwaite space, they drag our culture down,
They damage what we value, then they claim to love our town”
“Gentrification’s come to trash the place we had before,
They lied about the Warehouse – closed it down and nothing more
Was ever done to help it to find a new and better home –
Why don’t they just leave our town alone?”

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