"Now I know where my little corner of Boxpark is,
I would still rather a pint and sandwich from the Warehouse
Theatre’s bar though. I remain in mourning for its loss"
Rob Preston in 'Croydon Citizen'
"They lied about the Warehouse –
closed it down and nothing more was ever done to help it find
a new and better home".

The Croydon Citizen - Liz Sheppard Jones 22/11/17:
Recreation: When will the Warehouse Theatre find its rightful new home?
We need to maintain and restore the range of local amenities for which Croydon is justly renowned -
the closure of the Fairfield Hall and the Ashcroft Theatre has pulled a pall over a great entertainment venue. (The hoardings surrounding the re-building works bore the name the Cultural Quarter".
This was an ironical misnomer - a more honest and accurate name would bethe Cultural Vacuum".) The town centre remains in a state of suspended animation. Barnarby Jones' article in the Croydon Citizen (12/03/18)






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