December 02 to February 03

by Duncan Wisbey and Stefan Bednarczyk with Ted Craig
Directed by Ted Craig    Musical Direction by Stefan Bednarczyk
Designed by Ellen Cairns     Lighting by James Whiteside
'Judging by Tony Blair's remarks about the beleagured state of the nation,
Britain is in urgent need of a hero.  Step forward Special Agent Dick Barton,
the square-jawed, stiff-upper-lipped radio adventurer and radio star
in these musical spoofs at the expense of jingoism, snobbery & the BBC'
The Times Jan 03

"The show's creators...have come up
with several Christmas crackers
(and) an ingenious plot with more
twists and turns than an exhibitionist
Evening Standard 23 Dec
"The gags come thick and fast"
Sunday Telegraph 4 Jan
"Graham Kent is superb as the villainous Baron, George Asprey is suitably square-jawed and decent as Dick, William Oxborrow and Darrell Brockis as Snowy and Jock repectively are great fun and Vicki Simon slinks sexily as the dark-eyed Topevia.
Kit Benjamin adeptly plays the stiffly starched BBC Announcer as well as a variety of bizarre cameos" The Times 8 Jan
"Top-hole entertainment"
Time Out Dec 16 Dec

"With endless gags delivered by a cast of six actors who also play
a couple of dozen characters between them
plus an amazing range of musical instruments,
the evening jollies along at an hilarious pace
that would get even James Bond shaken and stirred"
What's On in London 7 Jan

Dick Barton Episodes I, II, III & IV

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