Friday 10 December 2010 to Sunday 20 February 2011

A dastardly foreign plot to flood the markets with stolen gold
has plunged the world economy into deep chaos.
One man alone can track down the sordid source of the mucky metal:
Dick Barton !
Dick and his faithful deputies, Jock and Snowy,
hitch their wagon to a wandering star
and journey to the heart of the old Wild West.

written by Kit Benjamin and Philip Ives
lyrics by Philip Ives, music by Kit Benjamin Musical Director Stefan Bednarczyk

directed by Ted Craig
Musical Staging Jamie Read Designer Laura O'Connell
Lighting Paul Green Costumes Nell Knudsen Sound Alex Garforth
with Matt Bannister, Annabelle Brown, Ryan Gibb,
Robert Maskell & Ben Tolley

I haven't had so much FUN in the theatre for ages! The Guardian

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