Friday 29 April to Sunday 22 May 2005

"Susannah York, under Ted Craig's direction, is rivetting as Elaine.
She implies both faded-European gentility and a sexual friskiness
that she memorably turns upon her male captor"
Michael Billington The Guardian
World Premiere of a new play by SARA MASON
directed by TED CRAIG
designed by MARTIN THOMAS   lighting by PETER HARRISON
"the production has a major asset in York's central performance.
Beautiful with her huge eyes, gamine haircut and razor-blade cheek bones,
York is flirtacious, imperious and pitiful by turns...she is also darkly funny"
Sam Marlowe The Times
An intriguing and powerful mystery of a woman
who finds herself in an unfamiliar house under the protection of a strange couple.
Vulnerable and bewildered, the wealthy Elaine believes she has been captured
but cannot help falling for the beautiful male stranger - surreal, and shocking.
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