Wednesday 8 September to Sunday 3 October 2010

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"One of the delights of the Festival is to stumble across
a real discovery like this gem.
An enterprising small-ish London theatre should offer this
a transfer, quick sharp."
London Evening Standard 25.08.10 ( WE DID!)
'GLORIOUS. A Breakthrough show' Lyn Gardner The Guardian
I cannot recommend this highly enough'
Three Weeks
'Constantly surprising and endlessly inventive.
I challenge anyone not to be enchanted by this production'
'This take on Ovid is one to restore your faith in devised productions'
The Stage
''Ovid's Metamorphoses' is PERFECT. It is an ABSOLUTE MUST-SEE
at this year's Fringe and a shining example of what great theatre is'
'This company are fast proving themselves
to be top level contenders in the world of theatre
and this year have conquered the Fringe completely'
British Theatre Guide

This glorious extravaganza relocates Ovid's Roman mythology to 1940's wartime Britain.
Cupid - an evacuee with a catapult,
Narcissus - a Hollywood Matinee Idol drooling over his screen image
and an Andrews Sisters Chorus finding close harmony amid cosmic chaos...
Lighting Design: Ralph Stokeld Stage Adaptation: Peter Bramley
Music: Lucy Egger Director: Peter Bramley
with Johnathan Davenport,
Jo Dockery, Mabel Jones, Joseph Mann
Alex Packer, Hannah Pierce & Eloise Secker

a Pants On Fire production

'a joy to watch...'' Fringe Review
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