Friday 21 May to Sunday 20 June 2009

world premiere by Mark Norfolk
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"Mark Norfolk's earlier play "Knock Down Ginger" was a stunning discovery
from the International Playwriting Festival a few years ago
and was given an equally impressive production
at the Warehouse directed by Jeffery Kissoon in 2001.
Norfolk's beautifully written new play tells the story
of Jamal (Ewart James Walters) an African refugee who is on the run
and hiding in a burnt out attic. But as fate would have it
he finds himself sharing his 'precious' space with Tony (Adam Sopp)
a 17-year-old racist who is also on the run after stabbing a young black boy.
Kissoon's sensitive direction elicits terrific performances from his cast
particularly from Walters as the broken African man who has to face
the demons from his past as well as co-exist with the young racist.
Kissoon's lyrical production is atmospherically lit by Kingsley Barker
and beautifully designed by Heike Scarrer
who makes great use of the theatre's versatile space.
But it is Norfolk's poetic language, assured writing and well drawn characters
that will stay long in the memory"
Parikiaki 26.05.10
with Ewart James Walters
Elisabeth Dahl, Ashley Gerlach & Adam Sopp
directed by Jeffery Kissoon

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