Friday 12 December 08 to Sunday 22 February 09

by Duncan Wisbey    music & lyrics by Stefan Bednarczyk
directed by Ted Craig     designed by Cleo Pettitt
    lighting by Peter Harrison
with Jeremy Barlow, Oliver Chopping, Mark Fleischmann,
Elizabeth Park, Stefan Bednarczyk & Daniel Tuite

This new episode takes Dick back to his early days travelling from stiff upper lip 1930s Britain to Australia via Arabia
trying to unravel the decipher and foil another evil plot.
A legendary tweed suit promises its wearer ultimate power.
Dick must scour the globe to reunite the pieces of the mysterious suit, to stop it falling into the wrong hands -
and to win the girl of his dreams. With non-stop action The Devil Wears Tweed features new songs,
brings back favourite characters and introduces familiar faces from the past -
from Hollywood's Irving Berlin to cricket hero Don Bradman.

"An energetic and talented cast tell this tale of derring-do with great aplomb.
As well as delivering virtuoso comic performances, they also sing with vigour,
and even double up as the band for the musical numbers - such dashed good fun!'
The Times

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