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Saturday 25 July

For 12 years the BRIT School, in association with the Warehouse Theatre
and the IPF, has presented their week-long Strawberry Picking season
of short plays, written, produced, directed and acted by the students.
Out of ten excellent plays in 2015 the IPF has selected:
JUMP by Lauren Ziebart
John explores what it means to be a man in modern day society.
directed by Myles Kembi (25mins)
Lauren Ziebert and Miles Kembi are Year 12 Theatre Students
at the BRIT School

IPF selection:
DEEDS NOT WORDS by Tony Zeane (Sydney, Australia)
directed by Ted Craig (25 mins)
with Christopher Simon, Radhika Aggarwai, Myles Sembi & Lauren Zeibart
In a Sydney inner city school, Mohammed and his friends
explore the dark side of innocence...

Tony Zeane is a high school teacher and writer,
he has written five plays including
BURNT, which was produced by La Mama
Theatre Company, Melbourne in 2009 with great success.

International Guest Production (Spain/Japan/Romania/Greece)
H7 by Juan Echenique Pérsico
directed by Fumi Gomez (30 mins)
with Alin Balascan & Juan Echenique, live music by Spiros Maus
A coach station. Two immigrants. Ten years after coming
to the city to make their dreams come true, they meet again,
the very night they are leaving.

Juan Echenique Pérsico translated and directed
EL FIN DEL ARTE by Rafael Spregelburd,
the contribution of our Italian partner, CSS Udine, for IPF14
IPF selection:
HE TO HECUBA by Patrick Carmichael (Briarwood USA)
.directed by Richard Shannon (25 mins)
with Sally Faulkner, Paul Lockwood, Paul Prescott and Anna Savva
The Peacocks are superlative people leading a superlative life.
Sometimes bad things happen to good people
and sometimes bad things happen to superlative people...

Patrick Carmichael attended New York University
and majored in History. He began writing plays late in life.
His play NIGHT OF DARK INTENT, an hilarious take on
Sherlock Holmes, Oscar Wilde and Queen Victoria, was seen in IPF13.

Sunday 26 July

IPF selection:
CONVERTED by Helen Seymour (Leeds UK)
directed by Patrick Myles (25 mins)
with Tara Dowd, George Savvides, David Thackeray and Larner Wallace-Taylor
In the near future, a rise in religious politics has led to the recriminalisation
of homosexuality. The punishment is prison or six weeks of conversion therapy...

Helen Seymour has been writing for many years in a variety of mediums.
In 2000, she wrote THE MAN AND THE MEMORIES
which was performed on local radio and at the Everyman Playhouse in Liverpool.

IPF selection:
CHANGES by Neal Mason (Salisbury UK) (30 mins)
Set in a rubbish tip, three characters are less than honest about their stories...
Neal Mason has had many successes in competitions with his stories, plays & poetry
and his work has been broadcast and published.
His play SECOND THOUGHTS was a selected play in IPF14

IPF selection:
BLUEY by Carole Boyer (Bristol UK) (30 mins)
A prototype peace-keeping Robot called Bluey turns violent...
Carole Boyer trained at RADA and worked as an actor for 25 years.
She has written plays for radio, television and the theatre,
including IRRETRIEVABLE BREAKDOWN at the Ustinov Theatre, Bath

CHANGES and BLUEY both directed by Mark Norfolk
with Lauren Guage, Martin Rossen, Orla Sanders and Adam Speigel
Celebrity Author Interview
Iona Rain, The Blue Garden/ TV: North Square, The Village
talked with Jeremy Kingston
author & playwright, formerly of The Times (30 mins)
IPF selection:
MAX AND WREN by Jerry Lacy (New York NY USA)
directed by Ninon Jerome (30 mins
with Morgan Deare, Anna Doolan and Sally Faulkner
An elderly widower, Max, depressed and alone meets a pretty
young girl who lives in his building.

Jerry Lacy has been a professional actor for over fifty years,
appearing on Broadway,
and Off Broadway and
in many films
including PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM with Woody Allen and Diane Keaton

IPF Producers: George Savvides & Ted Craig
Stage Manager: Marie Costa, and the Fairfield Technical Team


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