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1986 - 2002
Beached by Kevin Hood
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1987 Revived at the Old Red Lion 1990
Thames TV Theatre Writers' Bursary    Warehouse Resident Playwright 1991
further plays: The Astronomers Garden produced Warehouse Theatre/Royal Court Theatre 1991
Sugar Hill Blues produced Warehouse Theatre/Hampstead Theatre 1990
Currently Film and TV screenwriter

The Astronomer's Garden / Sugar Hill Blues
photographs by Paul Thompson

1987 Children of the Dust by Anne Aylor
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1988, also at Soho Poly 1988
Pavane for a Sad Witch by Sheila Dewey
Premiere: Tabard Theatre 1989
Thames TV Theatre Writers' Bursary; Arts Council Bursary
further plays: Turner's Crossing, Eva and the Cabin Boy produced Warehouse Theatre 1992/1994

1988 Dinner by Mark Bunyan
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1989

1989 Conversations with George Sandburgh
after a Solo Flight across the Atlantic
by Ellen Fox
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1990
Foreign Lands by Karen Hope
Premiere: The Finborough 1993

1990 The Taking of Liberty by Cheryl Robson
Premiere: The Man In the Moon 1992

1991 Fighting for the Dunghill by Guy Jenkin
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1992 with James Bolam
currently TV & Film

The Rock Station by Ger Fitzgibbon
Premiere: Soho Theatre Company at The Cockpit Theatre 1992
Through Savage Europe by Allan Leas
Produced by BBC Radio 1992
Idiots Waltz by Roy Smiles
Premiere: The Finborough 1993
Arts Council Bursary
Warehouse Resident Playwright 1994
further plays: The Court Jester, Dinner with the Borgias
produced Warehouse Theatre 1994 and 1995

1992 Fat Souls by James Martin Charlton
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1993
Arts Council Bursary
Warehouse Resident Playwright 1995
further plays: Groping in the Dark/Coming Up produced Warehouse Theatre 1996 and 1997
Commision: (RSC) The Pilgrim's Progress
Liberty Oregon by Steffen Silvis
Premiere: The Man In the Moon and Traverse, Edinburgh 1993

1994 The Gift by Nicholas McInerny
Premiere: Orange Tree Theatre 1994

1993 Spitting in the Face of Eve by Douglas Esson
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1995 (retitled Nervous Breakdown)
Malice by Thomas Kett
Premiere: The Finborough 1994 (retitled Acid Hearts)

1994 Yo Yo by Dino Mahoney
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre 1995
Soup by Michael Mears
Premiere: Salisbury Playhouse 1995/Fringe First Edinburgh 1995
Off the Bone by Richard Vincent
Premiere: Courtyard Theatre 1995
Arts Council Bursary
Warehouse Resident Playwright 1999
further plays: Happy & Glorious produced Warehouse Theatre 1999
ProprietÓ Privata (Real Estate) Warehouse Theatre/Teatro Colosseo Rome Dec 2001
Skin Deep produced Warehouse Theatre 2002
TV: Casualty
Fine and Private Place by Peter Moffat
Broadcast on BBC Radio 1997

1995 Iona Rain by Peter Moffat
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre and at the Premio Candoni-Arta Terme Italy 1996
also broadcast on BBC Radio
Thames TV Theatre Writers' Bursary
Warehouse Resident Playwright 1996
further plays:The Blue Garden produced Warehouse Theatre 1997,
Nabokov's Gloves produced Hampstead Theatre 1998.
TV: North Square, Cambridge Spies

1996 Fat Janet is Dead by Simon Smith
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre and at the Premio Candoni-Arta Terme Italy 1997
further play produced Hampstead Theatre 1998
Viva La Diva by Chris Ballance
Premiere: Edinburgh Festival 2000

1997 The Resurrectionists by Dominic McHale
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre in co-production with Octagan Theatre, Bolton 1998

1998 51 Peg by Phillip Edwards
Premio Candoni-Arta Terme Italy 1999
Premiere: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2000
Warehouse Resident Playwright 2001

1999 The Dove by Roumen Shomov

Premiere: Warehouse Theatre and at Premio Candoni-Arta Terme Italy 2000
State Theatre, Yambol and State Satirical Theatre, Sofia 2000

The Shagaround by Maggie Nevill

Premio Candoni-Arta Terme June 2000
Premiere: May 2001 (a co-production by Warehouse Theatre & Nuffield Theatre Southampton)
at the Nuffield Theatre and then toured to Ashcroft Theatre,
Soho Theatre and Theatre Royal, Brighton

2000 Just Sitting by Andrew Shakeshaft
Premio Candoni-Arta Terme Italy June 2001
with Nickolas Grace, Michael Praed, Sabina Franklyn & Sue Appleby directed by Ted Craig
Red on Black by Andrew Bridgmont
Premiere: Hen & Chickens Theatre September 2003

2001 Knock Down Ginger by Mark Norfolk

Premio Candoni-Arta Terme Italy November 2002
world premiere with Troy Glasgow, Judith Jacob, Darren Machin,
William Maxwell and Sylvester Williams directed by Jeffery Kissoon
Premiere: Warehouse Theatre June/July 2003
further plays: Wrong Place produced Soho Theatre October 2003
Six Black Candles by Des Dillon
Premiere: Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh March 2004

2002 Paradiso by Rajendranath Ramcharitar
(showcased in Writers in the Wings June 2003)
Black Other by Dystin Johnson
(currently working with National Theatre Studio)
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